Self-Build Projects - New steps for Warwick District - Building your own home!

As Self-build projects are being taken up more on each year, the opportunities for site finding do seem to be challenging for those families who are ‘outside’ the property and development sector.

Interestingly Warwick District Council team have been shaping this new Draft Supplementary Planning Document, which goes into some detail regarding housebuilders and freeing up viable plots. Providing serviced plots in clusters for buyers looking to design and build their own home.

Together with two other Darft SPDs the Self-build document is live for consultation, ending 11th March 2019.

There are of course fantastic tax benefits to sustainable approach to self-build properties and opportunities providing self-build annexes to existing plots in the changing way families are investing in their homes with their wider families.

An architect has two valuable functions in a self-build project. We work to shape the home and aspirations of the self-builder and create an innovative design that exceeds expectations. The one thing that should never be compromised is design, your project will stand for generations to come and so should your vision.

Secondly, an architect should facilitate the decision making process. We give you the time and space you need to make the right call.

We believe that no professional puts the choice in your hands as completely as a qualified Architect. We take the time to understand you and the reason why you are self-building. That’s why we are passionate about helping self-builders realise their dream within the real-life constraints of budgets, time scales and planning/technical processes. 

A good place to start if you are embarking on a self-build journey is to meet with a fully qualified Architect face-to-face. We offer a free design consultation to gain an understanding of what you wish to achieve with your project, discuss your design options with you and explain the relevant planning and building regulations.

To book your free initial consultation call  Jonathan on 07966 732 608 or the office on 01789 601 555.